I homestead at a honeybee farm in rural West Virginia. I write songs & just recorded an album in Los Angeles. I am an advocate for the arts, trained in Pittsburgh and working in Tucker County, WV. I read a lot, mostly in the bathtub.  I am a meditator, a hiking enthusiast, a wannabe-painter, once-poet and someday-novelist.I teach writing, music, and dance. Sometimes, I set my hula-hoop on fire. I live big, I love hard, and I appreciate you. Usually, I do more than this, but if I forget it, I don’t expect you to know it, so let’s just discover ourselves together.

Most people call me EMay. My parents named me Erika May. Facebook has reverted me to “Erika” after years of being “EMay”, but I still go by EMay in the real world.

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