I am an artist that floats between disciplines, mostly as a performing musician and recording artist. I have started filming myself out in nature playing guitar, since I’m not doing a lot of performing amongst people these days. I am a homesteader at a honeybee farm in rural West Virginia, and my hubby’s wine just won a gold medal for being awesome (why else do you win medals?). I am writing a memoir about recording Let Out Your Ghosts, being a professional fire-spinner, getting sober, growing my own food, and other weird things I’ve done. I read a lot, though reading the whole Outlander series in quarantine broke my interest on any new books for a while.  Fall here is BEAUTIFUL but I can’t wait for ski season.

I live big, I love hard, and I appreciate you.

My parents named me Erika May. Most people call me EMay. Facebook has revealed me to the internet as “Erika” but I still go by EMay in the real world.

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Updated 10/20


  • Current Projects:
    • The Moon My Twin — ROCK BAND! WOOH!

(Here’s our softer side:)

    • Let Out Your Ghosts is still one of the biggest music and art projects I’ve ever done. Go listen! ❤
    • Drafting four books at once — a memoir, a non-fiction book about the creative process, a novel about three musicians coming of age, and a novel/screenplay in the “futuristic utopian” genre.
    • Recording a solo acoustic album
    • We have put the garden to sleep. Now, we will eat from the pantry of our hard labor for the winter.
  • Read Recently – 4+ star only
    • How to Fly (in 10,000 easy lessons) – poetry by Barbara Kingsolver (this is hauntingly beautiful and life-changing, and I’m not finished yet)
    • Derek Sivers’ “Your People And Music” and “Hell Yeah or No” (will eventually be required reading for all aspiring musicians and probably most other people)
    • The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. Yes, I have read all of them since March. And watched the first 5 seasons of the show, which are almost as equally great.
    • Revisiting “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield is always a good idea.
  • Read Soon:
    • Art Money Success, by my friend Maria Brophy
    • The Acceptance Trilogy (gifted from a friend)
  • Favorite new music:
    • New Dawes Album, Good Luck With Whatever
    • I’ve only been listening to my own stuff, lately.
    • OK Cardi B too.
  • Favorite places
    • Healthberry Farm
    • Esalen, Big Sur CA
    • Fur Peace Ranch, Athens OH
    • Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico
    • La Escuela Del Sol, Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica
  • A list of things to list someday…
    • Favorite Homegrown Food Meals
    • Lessons learned by playing with fire
    • Favorite hikes in West Virginia
    • Interesting facts about bees, honey and mead
    • How I keep my sobriety living at a winery
    • Favorite gigs I’ve played
    • Musicians that I’ve collaborated with
    • Favorite things about the current season