I am an artist that floats between disciplines, mostly as a performing and recording musical artist. I recently hung my first show of watercolor paintings and am looking for more opportunities to paint, especially beautiful landscapes. I am a homesteader at a honeybee farm in rural West Virginia. I recently released an album — Let Out Your Ghosts. I read a lot, mostly in the hammock.  I am a meditator, a hiking enthusiast, once-poet and someday-novelist. I live big, I love hard, and I appreciate you.

My parents named me Erika May. Most people call me EMay. Facebook has revealed me to the internet as “Erika” but I still go by EMay in the real world.

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  • Current Projects:
    • Latest Musical Release – Let Out Your Ghosts a rock album I recorded in Los Angeles — big bucket list “check”
    • Watercolor Paintings on display at Tiny Llama Gallery and generally experimenting with watercolor all the time.
    • Playing rock shows with The Soundmen & planning for our upcoming record (spring 2020)
    • Drafting a novel in the “futuristic utopian” genre
    • Working on a conceptual art piano piece
    • Getting through the backlog of solo acoustic pieces I have not finished
    • Garden season is ON at the farm so I should probably get off the computer and go harvest some food. Yum.
  • Read Recently – 4+ star only
    • The Gift (re-reading this classic for the 5th time)
    • Artist as Culture Producer, edited by Sharon Louden
    • Harry Potter Series (why did I wait so long!?)
    • Trigger Warning by Neil Gaimen
    • Wendell Berry’s Collected Poems
  • Read Soon:
    • Poems by Mary Oliver
    • New “free book” finds by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, RW Emerson, HG Wells, etc…
  • In my 6-disc CD Player Now – 4+ star only
  • Favorite places
    • Tip Top Coffee, Thomas WV (here now)
    • Whitegrass Cross-Country Ski Touring Center, Davis WV
    • Esalen, Big Sur CA
    • Fur Peace Ranch, Athens OH
    • Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico
    • La Escuela Del Sol, Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica
    • Healthberry Farm
  • A list of things to list someday…
    • Favorite Homegrown Food Meals
    • Lessons learned by playing with fire
    • Favorite hikes in West Virginia
    • Interesting facts about bees, honey and mead
    • How I keep my sobriety living at a winery
    • Favorite gigs I’ve played
    • Musicians that I’ve collaborated with
    • Favorite things about the current season