emaymusic at gmail dot com

all emails will be read and responded to.

thanks for you.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. John Pisarcik says:

    EMay…You have a great sound…Congrats to You…Looks like you’re doin quite well with your music. Nice also to see Jacks rendering of you on your site.
    If you dont remember me..I am one of the people that draws at the schoolhouse sessions that you have modeled for in the distant past. I checked your MM site and see that your last activity was 12-2010. So I’m thinking that you don’t model anymore.
    I have a studio on the second floor now and hold the drawing sessions there every Wednesday evening 7-9. There are many newer participants at these drawing sessions now, along with the usual core group that you posed for.
    If you would ever have any interest in coming back out model in the future, let me know.
    If you would like to just stop by some wed evening to visit, it would be great. Just let me know so I could announce your visit to the group. Bring CD’s
    Best of luck in your pursuits. John Pisarcik

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