Download live tunes, demos, and more at

Also on the bandcamp site:
Between Liberties – From the Lamplight, released 2/09
(all tunes by Between Liberties)
Kirik Hava – session recordings from 2009 in Riccardo Schultz’ studio
(all tunes arranged by Nicholas Ragheb and Kirik Hava)

Coming Soon to bandcamp:
w/ Sikes – “Charity” (written by EMay)
w/ Avienani – “Watching the Waiting (instrumental)” (by EMay and Chad Hammitt),
“You’d” (by Chad Hammitt)
w/ John Hayes & Between Liberties – “Pretty People” (by John Hayes)
w/ Bruce Hoffman – “Homestead Revisited”, “If Wishes Were Horses”,
“A Man My Age” (all by Bruce Hoffman

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