Music Testimonials (Also available: fire-spinning testimonials and press clips)

More than a passing fancy.” – Manny Theiner, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

EMay has a commanding presence, on stage and off. With vocal chords that bring you down to earth and make your heart sing along, she will captivate you with an array of thoughtful lyrics and her commanding presence. Might even play with fire too, if you’re lucky.” – Alex Bard, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, PA

“In 27 years of reporting on the local music scene for various publications, I’ve rarely seen a performer develop from the open stage level to professional status so quickly and with such natural ease. EMay’s songs pull listeners into the story, her performance skills and stage presence demand attention, and backstage she’s smart and easy to work with. Keep an eye on EMay — she’s going somewhere.” – John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Calliope Songwriters Open Stage

“I am blown away by EMay’s voice & steady heart power connection. So much heart… She has the voice to sing anything, and has already well transcended the plaintive mode. Far better than most of what any pummeled pony carcass of a genre would offer in the way of expression” – Bret Mosley, songwriter

“I had not heard her sing since she was a teenager doing Pearl Jam and Jewel covers at the Open Mic in Norwood, that was maybe fifteen years ago, but I knew she was something special… At first, half of the crowd seemed hell-bent on talking over her show. But she was cool about it, she was killing it, and continued to do so. She finished the night, around two and a half hours of singing/playing, to a standing ovation, and calls for an encore. And, yea, she gave ’em an encore… Shut up and face forward, Erika May is something special. Quote me on that.” – Raymond Brady, Paradise Cafe in Dedham, MA

“I was amazed at the variety of artists they brought in… The accordion-player, EMay, was by far my favorite. She had this really deep voice, and it somehow matched the harmonics of the accordion.” – Everyone’s a Critic, Pittsburgh City Paper.

“Erika already knows this because I told her, but I wanted you all to know what a great job she did DJ’ing and performing at my wedding. Her punctuality, technical know how, and ability to read a crowd is amazing. If any of you ever need a performer or DJ at your wedding I highly recommend hiring her. The bride and I were beyond satisfied.” – Joshua Brown, client

“[Between Liberties] creates a consistent, burnished, autumnal sound out of simple materials [including] the intimate vocals of Erika May. May, or “EMay” as she’s sometimes known, holds an art degree from Carnegie Mellon, and seems determined to apply her creativity to every available surface. She performs with Between Liberties and solo, bellydances at Ren Faires, does “fire-spinning,” writing and visual art, as well as promoting events and blogging about the local music scene.” – Aaron Jentzen, Pittsburgh City Paper

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