Why I joined Patreon

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I’ve had a bit of a reality check these past few weeks (of course, haven’t we all!?). Three weeks ago, I punctured my finger with a piece of metal and needed (a very minor) surgery. The prognosis is full recovery (yay!)… within 6 months (yikes!). For now, I am deep in the healing process.

My income had already disappeared, all the festivals and shows planned for this summer were already canceled, but suddenly I had to postpone virtual offerings too. Even worse, I can’t hold my instruments, or paintbrushes, or my yoga mat. My creativity seems to come out most when trying to slice a bagel one-handed (go try it – you’ll see what I mean!!).

I miss earning a real income with my music, but you know, I don’t even miss it for the money so much. But I seriously miss playing music. I miss rehearsals, I miss my TMMT compatriots Chuck & Chris. I miss the vibrations of my guitar strings against my chest. I miss performing, boy do I ever. I miss singing loud, on a stage, into a microphone, and hearing it echo out into the world. I miss people, all people, and especially your merch-booth hugs as you tell me which songs opened you up. And lordy lord, I miss that spiraling energy that travels out from stage while we’re playing, into our audience, out of them and back into us.

Enter Patreon. I believe Patreon is currently the best model for communicating directly over the internet without ads and algorithms getting in the way. I’ll be using it, starting now, to share things that I have always been hesitant to post to social media or even this email list, including works-in-progress, acoustic tracks and demos of unreleased songs, updates on what I’m working on currently, random inspirations and weird insider info and who knows what else. It will help my bottom line, while helping me deepen my creative practice and share more with you. Win – Win – Win!!

Because Patreon is a really new adventure for me, the first folks joining me there will have a HUGE impact on what I share. In fact, my first post was a little survey of things you want to see on the page. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments — shoutout to Patron #1, Greg N. for suggesting a virtual tour of the beautiful farm I call home. See? What an awesome idea! Patreon is winning already!

If you like to feel good when you support the artists you love, definitely check out the Patreon. I have spent my entire career performing, creating art, and presenting the arts in unique ways. I’m not planning on giving up, even with a messed up finger and a messed up world. You can help, right now, by becoming one of my very first patrons on Patreon.

Join me on Patreon Today!!

Please, take a second now and just wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a squeeze for me.

All the love,

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